how builder ls will increase sales via lead generation

Generate a constant flow of leads, sell more homes, keep the hammers pounding, drive your competition crazy, and make more revenue!

As a strategic home builder how much is a consistent, predictable, flow of qualified leads worth to your business?

Suppose you could tap into a proven lead-generation system that drives a steady line of targeted prospects to your business almost instantly.

Imagine being in a situation where you never have to worry again about where the next lead is coming from as you watch dozens of leads land in your email inbox daily. Imagine never again wasting money on advertising, marketing, and lead generation that get the same old disappointing results.

Picture a large and robust sales pipeline that keeps self-filling with highly qualified prospects interested in buying or building a new home.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right concept and system. Regardless of how challenging the market is, there are qualified and ready-to-buy prospects out there ready to build new homes, and I’m going to show you exactly how to find them.

Builder LS offers home builders like you affordable cutting-edge lead generation strategies and tools to capture leads online from prospects interested in building or buying a new home now or in the future. We also offer builders cutting-edge marketing services that result in increased business and ultimately more revenue and profit for our clients.

Explore how Builder LS can help you grow your business by checking out our key offerings:

Monetizer is a home builder lead generation tool

Monetizer is a proven and powerful home builder lead-generation strategy and website platform that allows you the best opportunity at monetizing your existing web traffic by capturing leads from prospects who visit your website. It can also be utilized in numerous ways to capture leads from your existing marketing efforts or provide a platform for creating new strategic marketing campaigns solely to capture leads. Learn More Now!

Powerful home builder lead generation strategy and marketing tools

Champion is an advanced home builder lead generation strategy and lead capturing website software that will help your business get found online via search engines and social media, capture leads from this new found traffic and convert a higher percentage of leads into sales. The Champion strategy is carefully formulated to match how prospects think, make decisions, and use the Internet to research new home decisions they make, giving you the competitive edge in finding, relating, and bonding with prospects. Learn More Now!

Home builder guide is a powerful home builder marketing tool

The Guide is a 96-page homebuilding guide that focuses on helping prospects understand the homebuilding process from start to finish, along with how to select a builder and many other things. The guide includes homework assignments for the prospect (getting them involved in the process) and calls to action to move prospect from an information seeker to a buyer. Learn More Now!

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Builder LS is the ultimate lead generation and marketing solution for home builders. Create a constant flow of leads, sell more homes, and increase revenue.
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